Freezing Order Against Coye Family Lifted

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-18h12m04s133Mere hours after one Supreme Court judge lifted a freezing order against the assets of Melonie and Marlene Coye and Money Exchange International Limited (MEIL) on May 5, another replaced it pending arguments in the case of Internet Experts S.A. Vs. Omni Networks Limited and others, those others being the Coyes.

It all stems from an alleged agreement between the Panamanian company and Belizean agents and subagents for Moneygram money exchange service.

Internet Experts, also doing business as Instadollar, says it had an agreement to provide monies for the start-up of the local Moneygram operation, with Omni and director Dean Fuller as overall master agent and the Coyes as one of the subagents.

Some US$6 million was transferred, but only a little over 2 million Belize dollars was eventually returned and Instadollar is claiming the rest.

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-20h22m25s6But the Coyes said they have had no direct dealings with the Panamanians and their money was the subject of local investigations by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) for alleged money laundering.

That case ended in acquittal at the Court of Appeal in March at which time the Coyes were to be allowed access to their accounts. But Internet Experts and attorney Lisa Shoman said they needed to settle the civil matter first.

Today Justice Sonia Young lifted the freezing order, stating that Instadollar had not made a good and arguable case for its continuation.

It essentially means that the Coyes can resume access as soon as the order is made available even as the civil matter continues.

The family expressed their appreciation on leaving court.

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-20h23m18s29Interview with Melonie and Marleni Coye- Acquitted of Money Laundering

Reporter:  “So, now you will have access to your money today!”

Melonie Coye:  “I hope so, hehe!  If it’s happening, it will be today or early next week.  It has been hard, it has been a long journey.  I am hanging in there”.

It is also another victory for attorney Arthur Saldivar, who mainly expressed relief at the outcome.

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-21h03m56s88Arthur Saldivar- Attorney for the Coye Family

“I am very much pleased that the honourable justice was able to look into the matter and bring back the decision that she has brought; I believe it was very detailed, very comprehensive expose’ of what the law requires in these instances.  What she had to say, I take no particular pleasure in the fact that a person has died in this entire proceedings and no amount or nothing can bring back that life.  So, I am kind of happy for my clients for the moment that we were able to get this return”.

Further case management is scheduled for June 19.  Lisa Shoman declined on-camera comment pending a meeting with her clients.

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