Fuel tanker accident on Georg Price Highway

There was an accident on the George Price Highway that caused the contents of a fuel tanker to flow on to the highway. Plus TV was called to the scene sometime after 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday February 27. When we got there, the police department had cordoned off the area some 200 yards on either side as personnel from the Fire Department, Department of Environment, and BNE were assessing the damage and beginning the cleanup process. We understand that a fuel tanker truck with Salvadoran license plate was heading from Guatemala to Belize City and slammed into the back of a red freight liner truck with Belizean license plate. Apparently, the driver of the fuel tanker was unaware of the speed bump and when the freight liner truck slowed down to go over the bump, the tanker’s driver had to suddenly hit his brakes, but it was too late, and the tanker slid into the back of the freight truck. The impact caused the fuel in the tanker to spray out, almost emptying the tanker of its contents onto the highway. We understand that BNE was called in to assist the fire department and DOE to clean the road before traffic could be allowed to move again. Plus TV tried to speak to both drivers but they informed us that their bosses had instructed them not to talk to the media. This accident occurred only one day after PUMA issued a press release on Monday morning, stating they will be importing fuel by land from neighboring countries due to the difficulties the Government of Belize is facing with the offloading of a petroleum Cargo anchored off Belizean Shore. But, this accident doesn’t seem to be the first setback that PUMA has faced in this same overland importation of fuel. Other reports are that only several hours after PUMA’s press release, strikes in Guatemala over the road to Melchor- which has not been paved as was promised- made the road way inaccessible. PUMA had to discuss re-routing their trucks.  Plus News will continue to follow this story.

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