Fugitive and Alleged Potential Thug Falls Prey to Interpol and Mexican Authorities

vlcsnap-2013-11-15-11h12m04s54vlcsnap-2013-11-15-11h15m28s187A joint effort conducted last weekend, between the Guatemalan and Mexican authorities have led to detain a suspect wanted for the disappearance of his wife.   It is said that the fugitive made his way to Mexico not too long ago, using a falsified Belizean passport.

Roberto Barrera de León, was taken to court this morning, two years after his wife Cristina Siekavizza suddenly vanished on July 7 of 2011.   On August 3 of that year, Barreda de Leon too disappeared, with the couple’s young children, then age 7 and 4.   Soon thereafter, an international warrant for his arrest was produced.

He managed to live under the radar for the next two years – first in the Mexican states of Chiapas and Tabasco and subsequently in Merida Yucatan. But on Friday, through the coordinated effort of the Directorate General of Civil Intelligence and the Kidnapping Task Force with the Center for Investigation and National Security, which is Mexico’s, Police Mexicovlcsnap-2013-11-15-11h13m34s113Barrera de Leon was captured in Mexico and subsequently deported to Guatemala the following day.   While authorities can at last prosecute the accused for the presumed murder of his wife, an investigation has also been launched to uncover the course of action by which the forged passport was obtained, prior to his arrival on Mexican soil in January of 2012. \

One Guatemalan news article puts it “Authorities are still investigating how Barrera obtained  false passports, managed to leave Guatemala, and how fraudulent documents (were) processed in the neighboring country (Belize).”

Now we haven’t seen a copy of that passport, but according to National Migration Institute in Mexico, it is illegitimate and bared the name Carlos Roberto Barreiro Villareal.   Mr. Barrera de Leon was also found in possession of a document that guaranteed the custody of their two children, who also had false birth certificates and passports.

But there is more to this story; we did some digging and it appears that Mr. Barrera de Leon has had longtime connections in Belize.   Another foreign news article states that authorities have learned that while living in Mexico, he was receiving money from family and friends through Belize.

Belizean Passport imageGuatemalan president photograph 2013Investigations have even revealed that he was a frequent traveler to the country. And aside from the criminal investigation taking place, he is now being investigated by Guatemala’s Attorney General’s Office.     This story has been receiving extensive news coverage in the foreign press, one Belizean Guatemalan student says that since Barrera de Leon’s arrest on last week’s Thursday, Belize has been all over Guatemalan media.   In fact, it is such a colossal case that it was the President of Guatemala himself, Otto Perez Molina, who made the announcement of the suspect’s arrest via a press conference last week Friday. After a meeting with his Cabinet Ministers, President Perez Molina revealed that Mr. Barrera de Leon had been captured and found in possession of the forged documents.

interpol logo 1vlcsnap-2013-11-15-11h16m04s156But this is not the first time that a suspect in a high profile case was caught with a Belizean passport registered with false identification.   Beside from the now infamous “Citizen Kim,” just late last year, a U.S.A. national man, Rafik Mohammed Labboun Allaboun, believed to be a Hezbollah terrorist, was caught with a Belizean passport registered in the name of Wilhelm Dyck, a Belizean infant, who passed away in 1976.

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