Fundraiser for gunshot victim’s therapy

vlcsnap-2013-04-25-20h53m02s113Early on Good Friday March 29, two men were shot while at their hangout spot in a yard on Partridge Street extension. Jamille “Cash Money” Richardson, 30, and 25 year old Dennis Molina, visiting from the United States, were caught unawares by a lone gunman who came at them from the rear of a nearby tire shop while they were socializing. Richardson was shot in the neck area and in both ankles while Molina was injured in his left leg. It was a typical shooting, but one month later “Cash”, well known in the Vernon and Partridge Street area, is still dealing with its devastating effects as are his family. Richardson is undergoing therapy to learn how to walk again having been paralyzed from the neck down. To help him raise the money he needs for this continued treatment, his family is hosting a fundraising drive. Sister of the victim Tanisha Chavez tells us more.

Tanisha Chavez – Sister of Jamille Richardson:
vlcsnap-2013-04-25-20h53m22s69Right now he have to take therapy that costs $75 dollars a day. Right now they can’t do any surgery upon him.  So the best thing to do is give him the therapy. 
We do this for the reason, support a worthy cause of Cash.  The whole neighbourhood support right now.
We’re doing a car wash, bicycle wash.  We’re doing a big bar-b-que sale, boil-up sale.  We have all kind of events, Belizean artists,  We’re having football. Bring out a whole entire family

According to Chavez the family has been raising money from the time of the incident but doctors do not hold out much hope for his full recovery. The family, she told PLUS News, believes otherwise.

Tanisha Chavez – Sister of Jamille Richardson:
Doctors say anything.  Doctors are just men.  They are humans. We rely upon God up there and we believe.  Cash believe that he will walk again.  The doctor said that he won’t walk again, but we believe that if we continue him with this therapy, he will walk again.   When he first get ina this thing he never have no feelings, but now and again he feels a tingling in his foot or his hand.  He does have some movement, some feelings, so we believe that he will walk again.  That’s what the family believes.  That’s what Cash believes.

The family wants the public to reach out and support someone who was truly innocent, says Chavez.

Tanisha Chavez – Sister of Jamille Richardson:
I just want to ask the whole community to come out and give a little support of Cash.  “Cause everybody know Cash. He’s no bad person. I’ll be real. Cash no a young man.  He a take a lee smoke. One now and again.  Once in a blue moon. Cash just may di come up with a lee business.
That hurt.  He left a lot of people’s hearts spilled with tears up to this day, “cause people still have questions but no answers.

Police have made no arrests in the case. The event will be held at the St. Martin’s Field on Saturday, April 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. All are invited.

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