G. Michael Reid needs assistance for artificial hip surgery

Former Police Department Press Officer and media commentator G. Michael Reid has been out of the public spotlight for some time as he fight a disease that has affected him since childhood. Rheumatoid arthritis slowly removes the cartilage between joints causing them to rub painfully against each other – and it is not fun to live with. Reid recently replaced his hip with an artificial hip and now needs surgery for another. He tells us about his fundraising efforts through a barbecue hosted at his residence in Belize City.

G. Michael Reid – Former Commentator:  
vlcsnap-2013-04-10-19h19m40s95We’re trying to do some fund-raising.  It’s an extremely expensive thing when you get sick as everybody knows. I had to have a previous hip operation.  I was able to take care of that, but all the medicine and a couple of trips to Merida, trying to get results, had depleted basically all the funds. So I’ve had the need to reach out. I have a cousin I want to say thanks to, Mrs Pamela Watson, who was the one who initiated the whole fund-drive. She decided, “You know what, maybe you need to try and raise some funds.  You know a lot of people, maybe you need to reach out and see if you can get some help.”  So far it has been wonderful.  I’ve had about half of what I need.  I still have a little ways to go.  So, I figured there’s a way that the average person can assist.  I really didn’t want to go out and pan-handle.

But if you can’t make it, here is how you can contact him and his plans to take the surgery.

G. Michael Reid – Former Commentator:  
I have made only chicken.  So far that has been the most economical thing to deal with.  I guess if I get enough requests for pork, and stuff like that, maybe the next one.  Because I think I’ll have to do a couple more before I’ll be able to realize what I need.  I’m hoping that by the end of the month I’ll be able to do this operation.  I believe that I’m going to have to go a little further. There’s also, for the folks who can afford it and would like to assist, I have an account number, that if they wish to [use].  Again, I’m not appealing  to the little man on the street.  But there are folks that can assist, and who wi;llingly do so.I have an account number at 680-2222-40330.  I want to say thanks to all those folks who have assisted already.  I have had the outpouring of love, and prayers, and well-wishes.  It’s just overwhelming.

Those numbers again: 207-0580, 610-0332 and 667-2583. The bank account number is 680222240030.

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