Galen University student Raul Roches appologizes for his actions

The issue of Belize’s Territorial dispute and whether or not to take it to the ICJ has been a main topic of discussion across the airwaves. There are supporters of the idea, but the loudest voices so far have been opposers. The Belize Guatemala issue has caused certain flare ups of tension lately between the two vlcsnap-2013-03-05-20h35m19s89countries; recent happenings including the use of Guatemala’s annexed map showing Belize a part of Guatemala and the opposition stated by Belize’s Ambassador to the OAS.  Then there was the clearing of the border by Belizeans just this weekend to send a message of territorial integrity to Guatemala. Then just last week, the Belize National Basketball Selection pulled out of a tournament in Guatemala in disapproval of the Guatemalan Sports Federation’s logo. The logo includes a map which exhibits Belize as a part of Guatemala  – All the Belizean players pulled out except three. If you can recall, last night we told you that one of those students was Galen University student Raul Roches. Late yesterday evening, Galen demanded a public apology from Roaches to the Galen community as well as the country, in order for him to remain on his athletic scholarship. Well that letter came today via email and in it, Roches explained “Basketball is my passion and I think that my love for the sport caused me to make a premature decision which I am not proud of now.”  He adds “I am writing this letter as a public and heartfelt apology to my school, the nation of Belize, and most of all, my fellow Galen Eagles teammates and school mates.  I apologize if my actions offended any of you in any shape or form, especially during this international dispute our country is facing at the moment.”

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