Gang member renounces criminal lifestyle

Roger Anthony, a 20 year old Belizean laborer of Mayflower Street, Belize City, lives in the neighborhood of one of the most feared gangs in Belize- the Ghost Town Crips. Anthony has for a long time, been identified, by numerous individuals, as the leader of that particular gang.

In the past few days however, he has been seen in the open and even made a few media appearances as the leader of the Mayflower group of workmen, and on Tuesday, to the surprise of many, renounced his former life as a gang member on National TV.


vlcsnap-2014-10-16-05h58m18s249Roger Anthony –  Alleged Leader, Ghost Town Crips

“I’m here today to say that the gang life that I’ve been in for the past twenty-six years, that ain’t the life. I think it’s time for us, we as leaders,  to make a change and to stand up and to help the police, especially the Gang Suppression Unit, to stand strong and work with each leaders of the community, so that we can make a change.

It’s only us that can make a change, and we along with them can make a change.

So that’s what I’m trying to do and that’s what am going to do. I’m going to renounce that I ain’t no leader of no gang. I’m just a leader of a work group with Mr. Cisco, and that’s what I am going to carry on after this. I just hope that the other gang leaders pick up that what I am doing, and continue and we will leave in a peaceful country without violence.”


“Can you say what inspired you to make this dramatic change?”


Roger Anthony
“I have a family, I have wife, I have children, I have sisters, brothers, and it’s not right to be killing each other.  We should be helping each other, show each other the right way, show each other God’s way.”


“Now that Mr. Anthony has renounce the leadership of the “Ghost Town Crips,” will he be spared from the microscope of the GSU?”


vlcsnap-2014-10-16-06h29m12s100Inspector Mark Flowers – Commander of the GSU
“I didn’t say that we were going to stop working. I am saying that we are going to work with people on a different level and if somebody, anybody, who does nothing and has nothing to fear and go about living their life in a constructive positive manner, then certainly you are not on the GSU radar.”


But it is clearly not as easy as that. In the past notable gang members have turned their backs on a life of gang activity, but were still targeted.

When was asked if he had any fears that his past will come back to haunt him, he explained that while he is not moving out of his neighborhood , he will remain committed to his decision to walk away from his former lifestyle.

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