Gapi demands retraction, apology, and compensation from Cervantes

Ramon Cervantes Jr. received a notice of intention to sue from Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega.

The Deputy Prime Minister was named in a recorded telephone conversation which was broadcast live on the radio.

The Minister responded with a video release of his own, refuting any allegations of his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of the patriarch of the Cervantes family, Ramon Cervantes Sr.

On Wednesday, the son of the deceased, Ramon Cervantes Jr. received the letter from Barrow and Williams law firm demanding a retraction and an apology to Hon. Gaspar Vega. Ramon Cervante is also informed that he needs to make a proposal for monetary compensation to Gaspar Vega. If Ramon Cervantes does not respond by 17th November, Hon. Gaspar Vega says he will sue.

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