Garbage truck explodes in Orange Walk

vlcsnap-2015-09-14-22h59m29s61A garbage truck exploded in Orange Walk this morning while it was making its rounds. The truck was making its way to Oak Street area in Orange Walk to pick up garbage bags. When they arrived, they took off the engine and the workers heard a loud BANG. When they got of the truck, the workers saw that flames were coming out of the back part of the cabin. Mayor of Orange Walk, Kevin Bernard tell us what caused this incident and that wear and tear may have been a factor.

Kevin Bernard: I asked the fire department what was their, what would have lead to the fire. They founf it to be an electrical problem. It seems that the truck had an electrical problem at the back. And the spark created the fire. Luckily none of our employees were hurt. They lost a few things in terms of their personal belongings in terms of their bags and lunch that was in there, but their lives are more important to us and we’re happy they did not get hurt. Itvlcsnap-2015-09-14-22h58m40s77 is a used compactor truck. That truck has had to gone into several repairs before. It was operational, but like everything, you never know when an electrical fire would affect any vehicle and I think that is what happened.

With this setback, the Orange Walk Town council is now down to three operational garbage trucks. Mayor Bernard says that the council will just need to work double shifts to keep the town clean.

Kevin Bernard: We have a similar truck that is down like I told you. The engine is totally gone so we can probably salvage some of what is there to repair the other one. Then the council will have to seek out to try and get another truck because we do need another truck to ensure that we can clean up the entire town. We have 4 vlcsnap-2015-09-14-22h59m17s180operating trucks. We have 3 compact trucks and the blue compactor that just burst so we are down to 3, so we will just have to do what we usually do when we are down a truck and that is double our shift so we could get the work done at a faster pace. At this state I think we would, as a council we were already seeking how we could get another truck but at this time now this has created another problem for us but we are going to overcome that and we are going to be able to double up on the shifts that we have.

The Orange Walk Town council has no time limit on when they will be purchasing a new garbage truck.

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