Garifuna Awareness Day observed

Today is Garifuna Awareness Day. This day is normally observed the Thursday before the 19th of November which is Garifuna Settlement Day. The festivities got on the way on PlusTV’s Rise and Shine this morning as guests Gwen Nunez Gonzalez, Veronica Arzu, and Joshua Arana. According to Gonzalez, there are still some misunderstandings about the Garifuna culture, hence the reason for Garifuna Awareness Day. She went on to describe the Garifuna flag and its symbolism.Garifuna Settlement Day is celebrated worldwide within the Belizean Garifuna community. The Garinagu, according to Nunez, remain passionate about their cultural survival. This morning’s guests shared some of that culture with the Plustv audience. livened up the set with Garifuna drumming and singing.

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