Gavin Palmerston stabbed and killed

A man was stabbed and killed in Vista Del Mar on Friday night.   41 year old Ladyville resident Gavin Palmerston was at an apartment building in Vista Del Mar sometime around 9 p.m. According to the police report,  Palmerston was visiting a female friend when a person by the name of  Robert Brown walked up to them and punched the woman in the mouth. Brown then walked up to Palmerstone where a struggle ensued. In the process, Palmerstone was stabbed several times to the back.  Police told us more.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB

Sometime after 9:00 p.m. police were called to 123-3 9 Barrier Reef drive which is in the Vista Del Mar area of Belize City where they observed the motionless body of a male person who was later identified as Gavin Palmerson, a 41 year old Belizean of Ladyville. Upon inspection of the body police were able to observe several stab wounds to the back of the body. What the investigation has shown so far is that Mr. Palmerson had gone to visit a friend, Stephanie, who was staying at another friend’s house when the Ex-Common Law of Stephanie arrived and an argument ensued between Mr. Palmerson and Mr. Brown who is the Ex- Common law husband and as a result a fight ensued and that resulted in him receiving the stab wounds to his back.

Police say that Palmerston received 4 stab wounds to the back.  Palmerston staggered into the kitchen area of the apartment where he collapsed in a pool of blood and died.   Robert Brown then made good his escape. However, Brown later handed himself over to police. On Saturday 27th January, 37 year old Robert Brown was formally arrested and charged for the crime of “Murder”.  Reports are that family members of Brown are suggesting that Brown may have acted in self defense but police say nothing points to that as a motive.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB

What the investigation has shown so far is that the gentleman was just having a regular conversation with the female. There is nothing there that we have been shown that can prove that there was any provocation to have him behave in such a way and then to inflict the stabbing to Mr. Galvin Palmerson.

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