General Elections Called Early?

The Deputy Party leader Julius Espat says he has also activated his campaign team and will be ready for the general elections which he suspects will be called in this year in the month of October.


Hon.  Julius Espat – Area Representative, Cayo Southvlcsnap-2015-04-01-11h41m06s197

“Our agents out of the UDP camp have informed us that we should be prepared for general elections in October of this year. So I’m sounding the alert to all the constituencies to all the constituencies of this country, be prepared. Elections will be called this year in October. Today as I leave here, we engaged and start our election campaign in Cayo South. I have activated my executive, I have activated my campaign manager and I am activating everybody in Cayo South  in preparation. I have to activate it because the Prime Minister now have said that he will spend the Petro-Carib money to unseat me.  I have responded that that will be his waterloo and I mean it. He want deal withCayo South then please, come on it because we will prepare and we are preparing for October.



A press release from the People’s United Party says that for the next two weeks the party will be crafting its plan of action for the upcoming general elections. An election where the United Democratic Party will fight for its third term and the People’s United Party will fight for its first term since being voted out in 2008.


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