General Legal Council recommends Marcel Cardona Suspension

Attorney Marcel Cardona, former Area Representative and rejected UDP has been recommended for one year suspension by the General Legal Council. this recommendation follows a complaint from a Czechoslovakian woman, Hana Belickova who filed an affidavit in June of 2013 saying that Cardona took just under thirty two thousand dollars of her money – and claimed that he had to use twenty thousand to bribe authorities to release her son, Martin Muzikant. This is after Martin was charged for unlawful possession of a passport and escaping from police back in April 2013. Martin pleaded guilty on April 23rd and Cardona allegedly told the family that there would be a fine of one thousand dollars, plus another five thousand for bail on the escape charge, plus legal fees. However, he also allegedly wrote these words to the mother: “Your son asked me to do whatever…to get him out of jail. I have contacted someone who is very close to the magistrate…the person told me he arranged everything in advance to get your son to get bail today…however it is costing about twenty thousand dollars…to get officials to agree to give him bail” . The mother demanded her money  and made a formal complaint to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and signed an affidavit specifying her charges against Cardona. The General Legal Council has since met to consider the matter and reportedly recommended to the Chief Justice that Cardona be placed on suspension for a year.

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