George Fraser concerned about students’ boat ride to school

vlcsnap-2013-04-12-20h44m54s162Earlier this week, we brought you a story about boat transportation for students in Independence Village. Concern has been growing regarding a need for safer transportation for the students of the Independence High School. Now the problem isn’t necessarily that the students travel by water, but as you can see in the video, the vessels are very small boats, carrying many persons for its size. Additionally, the students do not have life vests and many of them are sitting on the edge of the boat. PlusNews aired the story after trying to make contact with the Ministry of Education but got no response.   And while we have still not received response from the Ministry responsible for the nation’s school transport system, this morning, Belize’s foremost Union advocate and noted educator, George Frazer called in on PlusTV’s Rise and Shine and told us what the CEO, David Leacock told him about the situation.

George Fraser – Educator:  
vlcsnap-2013-04-12-20h45m08s42I am glad you showed that picture yesterday with them boats. So immediately I called the CEO for Education,  He say, well he just got to find out so.  He said they are going to deal with it immediately and check with them.  
They were thinking not to undermine the traveling of the students.  Probably they might contract some bus to carry them.  But I said that’s a nonsense, because how are you going to travel 28 or 30-odd miles, then come down one next 30-odd [miles].  That’s foolishness, because the students would have to get up maybe an hour or two before, and get home late. Anyway, my point is because for years this thing di happen.

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