George Young perishes in traffic accident

The victim of a fatal traffic accident that we reported on in yesterday’s newscast has been identified as 77 year old George Young, a Belizean Retiree of Burrell Boom Village. As we told you, sometime before 3 p.m.. on Monday afternoon, a Toyota Rav 4 was travelling on the Boom Road when it somehow made contact with a bulldozer which was being carried on a trailer. The entire driver side of Young’s vehicle was ripped off. He died on impact. Today, police released official information on the accident saying that 47 year old  Anselm Gillett, Belizean Business Man of Burrell Boom Village, was driving his Mack brand truck on the Burrell Boom/Hattieville road from the Direction of Burrell Boom towards Hattieville. According to Gillett, at about a mile and half pass the dump site, the Rav 4  which was traveling in the opposite direction, swerved  into the left lane. Gillett says he slowed down and attempted to drift closer to the right hand side of the road, however the Rav 4 collided into the bulldozer, ripping open the driver side of the Rav 4.  Police say a urine sample was taken from Anselm Gillett and he has been issued with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

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