Georgeville man dead; was it an accident?

Yesterday, according to a police report, 53 year old Earl Tillett died as a result of a gunshot injury to his jaw which he sustained as he tripped and fell and accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the jaw. According to a police report issued today,  police were alerted to the incident which occurred off the Pine Ridge Road, Georgeville Village, Cayo District . 53 year old Earl Tillett, a farmer of Georgeville Village, Cayo District, received a gun-shot to the right side of the face. Information revealed that about 7:30am on that morning,  25 year old Aaron Vasquez and Mr. Tillett had gone to Mr. Tillett’s farm. At the time Mr. Tillett carried with him his .22 rifle. On arrival at the farm, Aaron says he saw Mr. Tillett place a bullet in the rifle before they went in separate directions. Aaron says he saw when. Tillett crossed over a log that was on the ground and as Aaron was about to swing his machete to start his chopping, he heard a gunshot. He immediately went to the area and saw Tillett on the ground bleeding from the side of the neck and was lying down on top of his rife. He was rushed to the San Ignacio hospital then to the KHMH where he succumbed to his injuries. Investigation continues.

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