“Get a bat and deal with the fool” – Hon. Mark King’s statement about PlusTV’s Louis Wade Jr.

Two committees were birthed from the negotiations between the Government and the Unions for a Salary Adjustment: The committee for Revenue Enhancement and the committee for cost saving measures, both aimed at making proposals to the Government to widen the public purse.

On February 19th Plus TV’s Louis Wade Jr. released some of the findings on a report called the  “Report on Proposed cost saving Strategy for the Government of Belize” jointly commissioned by the Government of Belize and the Unions. The portion of the report released to the public gave a breakdown of Government’s radio advertising costs  for the year 2013.

The report claimed that RSV Ltd got 133 thousand dollars and Amandala got $185 thousand dollars for that year while Wave Radio got a whopping $568 thousand dollars. UDP officials and affiliates went on an all out tirade on social media calling the report bogus.

Today we reveal some of those comments; first Hon. Juliet Thimbrell, UDP Senator, commented saying, quote, “This is a total lie. It’s simply makes no sense. As far as I understand it that’s the total budget for the year at the press office. We do not make 1/10 of that.”

The Press Office director concord her statement saying that that figure accounts for the entire Press Office budget for the fiscal year. Senator Thimbrell went on to say that quote, “You know you are telling a blatant lie, I won’t be able to watch but I will hv it recorded and ensure you are dealth with for telling a blatant lie!”

The tirade did not end there as Hon. Mark King, Minister of state in the Ministry of Human Development gave his contribution to the Facebook post made by Plus TV’s Louis Wade saying that quote, “No Mek them rent space inna unu head they want attention, get a bat and deal with d fool…”

vlcsnap-2015-03-02-10h04m01s151vlcsnap-2015-03-02-10h03m48s252But despite all the threats and political tirade the Financial Secretary of Belize went on record to say that the report, and the committee who made that report have status and standing. Union Leaders, Luke Palacio and Mervyn Blades were on this morning’s Rise and Shine show where they clarified the matter.

The two committees were jointly commissioned by the Government and the Unions in 2014 for a period of six months after which it was dissolved. Both parties had three representatives in each of the two committees.


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