Girl Killed by Croc in Maypen River

An 8 year old girl was killed by a crocodile in the Maypen River in the Belize District. According to reports, on Sunday afternoon , 8 year old Adriana Moody was swimming in the Maypen River along with 3 other children and an adult, Indira Rhaburn. That is when the child was attacked by a crocodile. Rhaburn states that she saw Adrianna go down under the water and immediately after saw a crocodile in the middle of the river with what appeared to be Adriana’s body it its mouth. The crocodile then started to swim down the river with the child. Rhaburn got into a canoe and started to pursue the crocodile and when she was near, hit the crocodile in the head with a paddle. That’s when the croc went underwater with the child. Authorities are searching the area but there has been no sign of child nor crocodile since then.

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