GOB must pay for police officer’s death

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Young has ruled against the Government of Belize, the Belize Police Department, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and police officer Glenwayne Grant, holding them responsible for the death of Constable Dean Yearwood two years ago. Yearwood’s vlcsnap-2015-10-21-14h15m58s6family took the Government to court in July of this year after the officer accused of firing the deadly shots in September of 2013 was never held criminally responsible for killing their loved one. Now the Government of Belize is to pay PC Dean Yearwood’s family more than 65 thousand dollars in compensation. Justice Young’s ruling is only in draft form and was presented this morning to Yearwood family counsel Phillip Palacio and Solicitor General Office representatives, Triennia Young and Agassi Finnegan. Young said that while they lost the case, she is still not certain of the figure handed down by the judge and that she still has to read her ruling which she has not yet done. A decision on possible appeal waits until that reading is complete. Witnesses Ryan Swift and the late Dean Junior’s father, Dean Yearwood Senior took the stand at trial and the Government countered with testimony from the accused Grant, coroner Dr. Mario Estradabran, arresting officer Sgt. Isaac Sanchez, scenes of crime technician, Daniel Daniels and forensic examiner, Orlando Vera. Grant testified that on the night of the fatal shooting he came upon an incident in progress and identified himself as a police officer and fired after the allege culprit. He did not know that it was his own colleague that was shot and would die as a result of his actions.

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