GOB responds to PUP 13th senator claim

Late this evening the government sent out a press release in response on the matter saying saying that, quote, ” Spectacularly unsuccessful in elections, the PUP is seeking redemption through flimsy legal manoeuvres and empty posturing.” It goes on to say that  Government points out that a similar claim was brought before by COLA back in 2010. The Judge dismissed the case in its entirety reaffirming that the Prime Minister has wide discretion, when given that authority by Parliament as in this case, in deciding when to bring legislation into force.” It further stated that, ” In no other Parliamentary (as opposed to Presidential) system is the appointed Senate or Upper Chamber controlled by those in (potential or formal) opposition to the Government.”  The People’s United Party has filed a claim in the Supreme Court against the Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow, basically, seeking an order to compel the Prime Minister to bring into force the Constitutional Amendment that would see the appointment of a 13th senator. That senator would be chosen by the non-governmental organizations, and would result in taking away the Government’s majority in the Senate. It continues, “In turn, that would mean that the Opposition, with the support of the new 13th Senator and others, would be able to frustrate Government’s legislative agenda and delay or completely derail (even urgent) Bills.  The release also makes a few jabs at existing senators, saying, “Senator for the Private Sector in particular was axiomatically leaguing himself with the PUP and unfailingly supporting every Opposition position in the Senate. As the Prime Minister has made clear to the Chamber of Commerce and the Churches, there is therefore the need to work on the creation of a climate in which good faith and an honest discharge of Senatorial responsibilities rather than perverted axe grinding would be the norm. That is what the Law was meant to usher in as part of Democratic deepening, and the Prime Minister is still convinced that it is very much capable of achievement. Once in place, such a state of affairs would then precipitate the immediate signing of a commencement date for the 13th Senator legislation; but we are not there yet. The Prime Minister repeats, however, that he (and the Government) will continue to work on the matter so that the Law can be brought into force as soon as the circumstances are appropriate.” 

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