GOB says it has no intention of paying U.S. Court ordered awards to Ashcroft companies

GOB says it has no intention of paying U.S. Court ordered awards to Ashcroft companies. In Tuesday’s newscast, we told you that a court hearing in the United States has denied an appeal that the Government of  Belize was seeking.   The appeal was in reference to a judgment made against the Government of Belize to pay out an original Belize sum of $38 million dollars to the Ashcroft Alliance, or failing that, have Belize assets in the United States seized. The US courts had granted award in 2009 for the company Belize Social Development limited and in a second matter, for BCB Holdings. Accrued interest now puts the figure roughly at 100 million Belize dollars. Today, the Government of Belize issued a press release stating that they will not be honoring that award. “Those awards are unenforceable in Belize since its highest court, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), has ruled that the PUP agreements on which they are based are scandalous, outrageous and utterly illegal.”

The release says that the awards attained by NEWCO, Belize Social Development Limited (BSDL) and BCB Holdings Limited were as a result of a corrupt PUP Accommodation Agreement.  “NEWCO is a company to which the PUP Government gave the contract to manage the Philip Goldson International Airport. The PUP then shafted NEWCO and took away the contract to give it instead to Musas, Courtenays and others of their friends and familiesThus, all three awards which the UDP Administration on behalf of the people has tried to resist, are born of PUP cronyism, corruption and betrayal.”The release says, “…certainly the Ashcroft companies can never collect on those awards in Belize. Accordingly, the Government of Belize under the current administration, refuses to subject the Belizean people to this monstrosity of the PUP’s making, and has no intention of paying a penny of these Ashcroft awards.” 

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