GOB says it will not postpone October referendum

mapThe Government of Belize has rejected Guatemala’s suggestion to postpone the upcoming October referendum. In a press release issued today, GOB says that it rejects Guatemala’s proposals in their entirety. That proposal laid out by Guatemala suggests that the referendum either be postponed until a further date or that Belize goes ahead and hold its own referendum. Meanwhile the release goes on to explain “The Government of Belize notes the tremendous efforts over many years and through successive administrations have been spent in finding a negotiated solution that would bring to a definitive end Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belize and that the failure of these attempts is what led to the signing of the Special Agreement by Belize, Guatemala and the OAS.” – end quote. The Special Agreement provides for the referendum to be held in Belize and Guatemala on the same date – October 6th. And we note that any changes in the Special Agreement must be agreed on by both countries. GOB will be informing the OAS of its decision today.

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