GOB seeking new Contractor General

Godwin Arzu’s contract as Contractor General of Belize will not be renewed. In a letter from the Office of the Prime Minister to PUP Senators, GOB confirmed that Godwin Arzu did not submit annual reports during his tenure as contractor general. Last December,  a motion to reappoint Arzu as Contractor General  was withdrawn from the Senate after several senators argued that Arzu’s reappointment would be contrary to the Contractor General’s Act which states that he must submit annual reports relating to his functions. It is believed that Arzu has not submitted a report since 2013. Prime Minister Barrow reportedly told Amandala newspaper that the motion for Arzu’s reappointment was withdrawn in hopes that Arzu would have prepared the reports, after which the motion for his re appointment would have reintroduced. However, Arzu did not submit the reports. In the meantime, there is no contractor general at the moment and Government is seeking a suitable person to succeed Arzu as contractor general.  In the meantime, several Senators are saying that the awarding of public contracts should be put on hold until another contractor general is identified and successfully appointed.

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