Godwin Arzu’s reappointment shot down in Senate

vlcsnap-2017-12-20-13h11m10s086Godwin Arzu has been the Contractor General since 2009, and his current two year term expires at the end of 2017. Prime Minister Barrow presented the bill for Arzu’s reappointment at the last House of Representatives meeting, but Senators at their session earlier this week, raised some concerns. Opposition Senator Valerie Woods; Business Senator Mark Lizarraga and N.G.O. Senator Osmany Salas announced that no annual report from Arzu’s office had been submitted since 2013, which is a violation of his terms and conditions. They each argued when the motion came up for debate that Arzu needed to fix this aspect before seeking another term. Here is what Woods had to say.

Senator Valerie Woods

There is no evidence that the Contractor General has submitted the Annual report or Annual reports. A cursory look at the last time the Contractor General submitted any such report it appears to have been somewhere in 2013. Because if you look at the news archive on September 22, 2013 , there was reference to a Contractor General report regarding one Mr. Cano from Social Investment Fund (SIF) certainly complying to his job set out in the Act. 

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