Gospel Artist Dennis G launches second album

Gospel song writer and performer Dennis G launched his second album this weekend at the Gospel Expo. The name of the album is “A Better Place.” Dennis G stopped by our studios yesterday to promote his latest work.

Dennis Requena – Christian Musician:
vlcsnap-2013-03-19-19h09m24s71The new CD, I officially release it on Saturday at the Gospel Expo.  It has ten songs plus a bonus track.  This CD is like a mixture.  The idea was to produce a CD that has a reggae feel with a little dancehall.  Also my brother, I know that he does worship songs, and he told me about this song , and the moment we went to the studio I heard it.  It’s a song that really touched my heart, and I said that’s a really good worship song to put on the CD.  Also I have a good song that is called “Belize belongs to we”, that I sing.  And then I have back-up vocals by Tamo Venagas, and so that’s a really good song. it’s a piano song talking about issues that we have as a country.  The song says “I’m calling on the poor, for us to stand in unity”, because that’s the only way we could have a better Belize.

He also gave us a little taste of the album.
Dennis Requena – Christian Musician:
One of the songs that a lot of people care [about], because there are even secular stations that play it, and it’s a song that’s called “Addicted to Belize”.  This song says “I’m addicted to this country and I love Belize, This is the home for me.”  So a lot of people might hear that song, and they might hear it’s Dennis Requina, but they might not know who is Dennis Requina or Dennis G. But this is this the brand new CD, and this song is also on my 2013 CD.

“A Better Place” can be purchased at The Garbutt Gas Station, Merv’s Barber Shop in Roaring Creek, or Venus Photos and Records in Cayo, for $12.

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