Gospel Artist Mikal Evans reaches out to our youth

vlcsnap-2013-09-16-13h38m00s124Belizean Gospel Artist, Mikal Evans, decided to be a light to young people outside the walls of his church by bringing positive Christian music to their high-schools. On Thursdays Rise and Shine Show, Evans said more about the High-school tour that took place this week.

Mikal Evans – Gospel Music Artist:

vlcsnap-2013-09-16-12h59m33s82We started the High School Tour yesterday.  It was tremendous.   We went to Independence High.  It just continues to emphasize the need for us to move out the four walls of the church and get into the community.  We did Independence High and Ecumenical High yesterday.  Right after this we’re heading to San Ignacio for Sacred Heart.  Then we come into Belmopan and we do Our Lady High School and then we’re doing Comprehensive High School.  Then  tomorrow we head up to Belize City.  It’s been awesome.  It’s been tremendous so far.  We look forward and anticipate what God is going to do, because we’ve literally had response from these.  Yesterday in Dangriga the administration came and said, “You know what?  We’ve been trying tom figure out how we can bring a change in this school, and now we know what we need to do!”







All the efforts of the tour have been leading up to one event. Mikal Evans explains the importance of the event and the relevance of the date itself.

Mikal Evans – Gospel Music Artist:

After the High School Tour, Saturday [September 13th] is the album release “Re-de-fined.” It’s going to be at the Nazarene High School grounds.  We’ve not been having a had a whole lot of Christian activities happening.  I’ll be straightforward with you.  Why are we going to put it on a day that’s not competing with something secular. We need to be out there, tooth and nail, competing with the secular activities.  I know this year, just listening to all the media, that this year’s carnival is in complete chaos, because there’s a lot of confusion and fighting happening, and that’s exactly what we need to happen.  We need that thing to die because   that thing is just encouraging a whole heap of immorality in our country, but then we also need to stand up and shine the light.  

vlcsnap-2013-09-16-13h24m20s124The concert is hoping to see appearances by Emrand Henry from St. Lucia and famous Jamaican producer and artist Stephen Murphy.

Stephen Murphy – Gospel Music Producer:

vlcsnap-2013-09-16-13h28m02s40If you think about it-  Can you really reach a gangster with a worship song?  Or can you reach him with something  that he can relate to?  This type of music, the dancehall Gospel, is the bate to catch them, something that they can relate to.  For example:  I love my friends.  They’ve been into church and God worked with them, just by hearing the music.  Another thing is that nothing that we do is just arrived.  Everything that I do personally is led by God.        

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