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Over a month ago, Belizean football stars, Woodrow West and Ian Gaynair, revealed to the media that they had been approached by match fixers with a big bribe to throw down the match against the mighty U.S.A. However, both men turned down the offer. They have already been congratulated and awarded by CONCACAF and FIFA , but on Wednesday at the Government House both players were awarded locally with the Gilmore Henkson Fair Play Award- the first of its kind- which was handed to them by the Governor General. In his greetings and comments the Governor General commended the entire football federation for an excellent performance

Sir.Colville Young – Governor General of Belize:

vlcsnap-2013-08-29-09h25m23s244We did not win, but we excelled in sportsmanship, and even if we did not win, I want to remind you that every evening the sun goes down but the next morning it rises again.  Belize will have the opportunity to excel to defeat the world.  I congratulate our team for their excellent showing, and I want to encourage them, the officers, the coaches, the players, to continue to make Belize proud.

After the ceremony and back at our studios we spoke with Woodrow West who exclaimed his sentiments about the award.

Woodrow West – Recipient of 1st Gilroy Hinkson Award:

vlcsnap-2013-08-29-09h33m38s92It was a surprise for me because I wasn’t aware of getting an award here in Belize.  At the end of the day I appreciate it.  It’s something great for me.  The awards that I have been receiving are bigger than my trophies that I have received from  my football career.  It’s not a best goalkeeper award or an MVP award, but it’s an award for integrity.  That stands out over all of anything in the world, to have a good name and to be an honest man.  It speaks a lot about you personally.  Being awarded from FIFA is big thing for me, and I really appreciate it.  It’s something that I’m going to guard for the rest of my life.

He conceded that it was a difficult position that he was put under as they were offering him thousands of Euros, however, it did not take him much thought to decide what his course of action was going to be

Woodrow West – Recipient of 1st Gilroy Hinkson Award:

It was really a difficult time for me at the moment, because they put me on the spot with that.   To have a better name is something more important to me.  Money can’t but my name.  They have been suspending players in El Salvador for the same thing right now, this moment.  The whole entire national team is banned for a month.  [They are] under investigation.  These things are a shame to your country.  These are things we stand up for, not because Belize is so third-world, or how they call it, but we have integrity and we stand up for our country in that sense.  To me that won the Gold Cup for Belize. 

Woodrow West also had some good advice for the younger generation aspiring to make it big in football.

Woodrow West – Recipient of 1st Gilroy Hinkson Award:

Listen to your mom and dad, firstly.  Pay attention to them.  They know what they’re talking about, when they are trying to lead you the right way.  I had an experience with my mom and dad.  I used to love football from when I was very young.  My dad used to hold me in his hands and I used to kick ball.  He trained me from when I was small.  He knew what I was going to be.  He supported me a lot.  I had problems in school.  So that’s one of the big things – You need to get an education first.  Football and education goes a lot together.  You can do both of them at the same time.  Listen to your parents.  Discipline takes you a long way.  Take good advice from the older folks.  That’s what I do all the time.  I’m always open to listen to people.  Every advice counts.  It pushes you a long way.  The younger youth, you need to listen to your parents, and listen to elders and respect others.  Try to be disciplined as much as you can.

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