Government Loan for Roads Linked to Gender Capacity Building

coat of arms of BelizeThe Caribbean Development Bank has approved a 30.1 million dollar loan to Belize for rehabilitation of 9.81 km of the Philip S. W. Goldson Highway and the replacement of the Haulover Bridge.

But $110,000 of that loan has to be used to assist in financing consultancy services for gender capacity building within the Ministry of Works and Transport and Belizean contractors to address gender equality and social inclusion in current and future construction projects.

While the CDB did not indicate if ‘gender’ referred to what we understand as the traditional male and female equality in the workforce or to the myriad of genders promoted by the LGBT community, we have been made to understand that for many of the loans to Caribbean countries, as a part of their approval requirement, that country must include some sort of “gender equality” awareness and promotion element.

In 2011, British Prime Minister David Cameron had pledged to slash aid to African countries which refuse to bow to the pressure of making homosexuality an acceptable behavior while US President Barack Obama, via a presidential order,  instructed officials to use the approval of foreign aid to developing countries as a tool for the promotion of gay rights, telling those officials to consider how countries treat their gay and lesbian populations when making decisions about allocating foreign aid.

In Belize, in this year’s budget presented in March, there is also monies allocated for a gender department.

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