Graduating Christian Counselors

On Saturday May 9th, the Belize Bible Center, a Christian Counseling Center in Roaring Creek, Belmopan, graduated eight Christian counselors from their two year curriculum. Since the two year program was first launched in 2011, the Belize Bible Center has graduated a total of sixteen counselors. Tom Sharp is one of the founders of Belize Bible Center and was one of the instructors of the 2 year course.


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“This past saturday, we had eight people who graduated from the two year counseling course that’s offered with Belize Bible Center. The course is divided into six different semesters  and each semester lasts six weeks. We meet on Saturdays in the morning for three hours at a time. the graduates were required to take courses dealing with safety of clients, how to build trust, relationships, what legal issues there are in Belize, plus we looked at many different schools of counseling theory. We looked at counseling history, we looked at what it takes to make a client feel safe, we looks at developmental stage. It’s a very comprehensive program that runs over two years.”


The valedictory address was delivered by Johnelle McKenzie. Apart from the eight students who graduated from the Christian Counseling program, two persons graduated and received a diploma in Bible Studies. Tom Sharp told us why he finds it necessary to train Christian Counselors.


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We know that Belize is a Christian nation and sometimes there are things that can come in the world of psychology that may sound good but they may be contrary to what the Bible has to say. So by taking healthy psychological principles that are in alignment or agreement with God’s word, we are able build, what I believe, are to be healthier counseling.”


 The Belize Bible Center starts accepting new students until next year for the years 2016/2017. For more information on how to apply, you can call the Belize Bible Center at 625-5832.

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