Grandson of late popular musician murdered

In a few weeks time, it will have been three years since legendary brukdown musician Wilfred Peters died at 79 in June of 2010. While his death was peaceful and he was rightfully honored by all Belizeans, the family today vlcsnap-2013-05-16-20h35m28s228mourns a more tragic and sudden loss, his grandson, Wilfred Peters III. The young Peters was killed by multiple gunshot wounds sustained when several men apparently invaded the residence at the corner of George Frazer and Iguana Streets early this morning. Police say Peters’ body was discovered in his kitchen in a pool of blood and around 2:00 a.m. residents of the area heard apparent gunfire – a total of five shots – and then three men were seen leaving the scene. Wilfred III, known as “Papatch” was the father of one son also named Wilfred IV. According to his father Wilfred Jr., Wilfred III was a nice guy who was working with Minister of Human Development Anthony “Boots”  Martinez.

Wilfred Peters Jr – Father of Deceased:
vlcsnap-2013-05-16-20h36m13s171He’s a hard-working person.  He works with “Boots.”  He just get he house, and he live in the house for a month. He got some kinda hard talk with somebody, and I know tha who. But I lef it ina God hands. Thank God the gal never come out, or they may kill she too.
I really don’t like how they kill my son.  My only pickney in my life they kill.

Aunt Carla Peters Rodriguez says her nephew recently acquired a house with the Minister’s assistance and surmises that jealousy may have been a factor in the killing.

Carla Peters Rodriquez – Aunt of Deceased:
vlcsnap-2013-05-16-20h36m23s26He got in the house and di he fix up the house, come for me, carry me out, let’s go. So they di hate. He talk ’bout it.  He tell friends. Some people hate and jealous just because “Boots” fix he a house and everything, fix he up and everything, and he done supervisor they job.

Wilfred III had installed surveillance cameras at his property but it is not clear if they are of any immediate use. Police are investigating, while the victim’s little son is already asking for his father. Carla Peters tells us what he has been told.

Carla Peters Rodriquez – Aunt of Deceased:
vlcsnap-2013-05-16-20h35m49s191The thing about me, I always tell he, my nephew, ’cause he like a son to me, I always tell he “Never you take nobody life,  Never you do that.”
But I hope he happy.  I ain’t gone sleep. I may look fi see a big parade, with a crown pon he head, and the parade in the street.  “Cause what he do to we, he no get over my pa yet.  My pa just dead two years, went fi three, and that di hurt we, and this hurt we more, “cause we love ah. 

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