GREAT Graduation in San Ignacio

Another series of the GREAT Program has wrapped up in San Ignacio. GREAT which means Gang Resistance Education and Training is a project by the Police Department aimed at deterring primary school students from gang related activities and educating them on conflict resolution. PC Ciriaco Medina, one of the instructors, was on hand for the graduation ceremonies held on Thursday, where he discussed the training.

P.C. Cirianco Medina – Instructor:
vlcsnap-2013-05-20-19h40m22s14Actually today, we had the first graduation for Sacred Heart R C School for students that participated in the GREAT Program. GREAT stands for Gang Resistance Education And Training program.  We have 117 students participating in the GREAT program.  The program is the middle school curriculum, and it is set for 14 lessons, meaning that I started the program in September of 2012 last year, and by December of 2012 before they went on Christmas [break],  I finished with the Elementary Curriculum with the standard six students.
The program itself [contains] a lot of things, a lot of skills.  We teach them, for example,  to refuse from joining gangs, to prevent violence and crime in our country.  That was the basic one.  as the mission Statement says, “Building Communities, one child at a time.”

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