Grenade Scare in Raccoon Police Station

Authorities at the Racoon Police Station, in Belize City were stupefied when they came across a grenade in their own station around 3:30 this evening. Police authorities normally don’t have any use for grenades and as a result don’t necessarily know how to handle one. To find one inside their premises was completely alarming so the building was evacuated and the BDF commander  Brigadier, General David Jones, was called to look in at the situation. He spoke to us over the phone where he recounted the events that transpired.

Brig. Gen. David Jones – Commander, BDFvlcsnap-2015-08-10-11h41m46s253

(Via Phone)”We were informed by someone in the Raccoon Street Police Station that a grenade was  inside the police station. I believe they relayed the message that it was on the third floor. I got the message about 3;30 or sometime after 3:00.  I went to the area and spoke to Mr. Chester Williams who was there. I informed him that I was there to look at the item. The building was evacuated, everyone came out the building and then I was informed as to the exact location where the grenade was located. It was on the third floor inside one of the office, inside one of the top drawers. So, I went there, opened the drawer and found the item. It was indeed a grenade but a CS grenade. This is the type of grenade that would be used in riot control that emites CS gas. It wasn’t something that was of serious danger to the police officers in there.

The grenade has since been safely transported to the BDF headquarters at Price Barracks in Ladyville where it will be stored.

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