Grief Hits Family of Another Shooting Victim

vlcsnap-2014-01-02-19h34m21s123The grief and anger of relatives of shooting victims, some of whom are murdered, is a regular feature of this newscast. Most times the incident is done outside of the public eye. But in this case, the shooter knew his target, and executed with ugly precision. 19 year old Tajah Staine was  hot at least 7 times in the chest, left shoulder and left leg with one hour to go to the New Year on Tuesday evening while in the area of Gladden Street, just off La Croix Boulevard. It happened in her yard, and her mother, Germaine Thompson, was a horrified witness, as she told reporters today.

vlcsnap-2014-01-02-19h28m29s69Mrs. Germaine Thompson- Mother of Shooting Victim

“She gone and she forget weh I tel she fuh go buy because e dih run up ah e mouth full.  So, e com back ahn e ask me and then e gaan.  Wah lee bit I hear, Danny, mek e you no dih kids geh bussed up, Danny might anadah like…e dih sound so close, I peep through my wondow.  When I I peep through my window, I see the young man weh I know as…, dih shot up somebody eenah dih yaad.  I said, “Da who do me sohnting; da who we have prawblem wit?'” Dis bway dih shoot somebody eenah dih yadd, not to know that da my dawtah deh dong deh!  So, I just keep the window tilt.  E put the gun back eenah e waist, gaahn back this way, then I just lowah my glas becaaz I can’t see the person.  I no even know what really mih dih transpire, but I know gunshot.  When I hear my naybaw dih hallah, Ms. Germaine, Ms. Germaine, da Taysha dehn shat, Taysha dehn shat!  I freeze because a so much shat dah person get, I seh, dah person dead!

Police are seeking one suspect, but according to Thompson, her daughter remained lucid and told all who rushed to assist her whom her attacker was. She gives an update on her condition.

Mother of  Victim:  ‘The doctor seh e get seven shots.  Thank God e survive.  E hand, e leg, e back, and the rest ah shots are up.

Reporter:  “What is the condition that she is in right now?”

Mother of  Victim:  “It’s stable caz she still dih talk, still alert”.

Reporter:  “Could you even take us back to that moment seeing that gunman opening fire on someone because he did not know that it was your daughter and then when you finally realized and you ran across, could you even take us back as a mother, seeing your daughter in that state not knowing that she is going to live or not?”

Mother of  Victim:  “I just no waa go back to da’ spot, I mean…like fuh any parent, da like wa’ harrabl feeling because for me, I think e dead…I so shocked fuh see e lean up e head and e seh mah, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”.

vlcsnap-2014-01-02-19h37m15s53As for possible motive, Thompson said her daughter had run afoul of a would-be gang boss in the neighborhood.

Mother of  Victim:  “I Can’t believe it, I freezing, you know?  E dah e cousin.  How could you?   What could possibly transpire fuh mek you wah execute my pikni?   But all ah dis stem from one ah e other cousin weh waa hav wa gang or want to be known to be one gang leader, hire get lotta lee pikni weh no dih go  da school, aal ah dehn line up pah n dih street no gat nottin fuh do.  All weh dehn do da smoke weed whole day and get high because that’s e could give dehn pikni because e no gat nottin fu sell fih give to the children dehn.  E gat deh dih do e dirty work.  The whole thing was, dih lee bway gah wah praablem pahn dih back street weh da my dawtah friend.  You ah tell my dawtah she can’t be friends with  wa childhood friend weh da her friend forever.  if you have wa prablem with he, go deqal with he- no deal with wa gial becaw e da wa punk…you andastand.  I save e life when wa bway cohn stabb up ah outya.  I save e life…fih you turn round.  Alll hell leff fuh e pay; Gaad wa deal with it.   E wa get deal with and ah wah deal with it to the full extent of the law.  All of them da cousin and I no care!  You andastann me?”

Police investigations continue.

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