Ground Broken For Belize City Drainage Improvements

On Monday, the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Belize City Council broke ground for a project designed to improve the City’s drainage in a key area.

Under the eight-month project, a new canal will be constructed through Cinderella Plaza, from the corner of Douglas Jones Street and Freetown Road through Baymen Avenue, on to Calle al Mar and letting out to the sea at Newtown Barracks.

Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, discussed the project, and his intentions to complete partially concreted streets in the area.


vlcsnap-2014-10-07-09h09m01s228Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City

“It’s going to be very extensive.   It will involve primarily the construction and the clearing of the Douglas Jones Canal. That will not require the digging up of the street.

They are going to connect that canal under Freetown Road, the area of Freetown Road that is at the intersection, and then it’s going to go through Cinderella Plaza here, and then it’s going to go on the section of Baymen Avenue that we didn’t complete, and then it’s going to go out the Calle Al Mar into the Caribbean Sea.

This is why we haven’t finished these areas of infrastructure. People [are] always calling in on the radio station and saying,  ‘Well, you’ve done the first part of Kelly Street and the other part.  You’ve done a section of Wilson Street.  You’ve done a section of Baymen Avenue.  Why haven’t you finished it?’

 We haven’t finished it because we were waiting for this project, and when this project finishes, then all of those areas will be enhanced, and then we plan on doing a park area around Cinderella Plaza.”


The Mayor also says the improvements will help make the City more climate-resilient.


Mayor Darrell Bradley

“It’s real critical.  I thing that we need to really address the issue of Climate Change and drainage full force. 

I’m very pleased that this is a twenty million dollar project, which will see the upgrading of several canals. 

That’s going to be a significant improvement in the quality of draining in very venerable areas of Belize City, particularly in the Belama Phase Three and Four, and then in this area of Cinderella Plaza

I think it’s very critical, and it’s only one step in Government’s commitment to ensure that Belize City and the entire country is climate resilient and less prone to flooding.”


The project costs some $20 million and will be carried out by Medina’s Construction.

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