Growing the Future Projects

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Growing the Future Projects, a School Boost Program kicks of this summer. The program which has been operating since 2004 has now branched off to 6 different areas in the country.

They are to function in Corozal, Orange Walk, Belize City, San Pedro, San Ignacio, and now in Belmopan.  Peter Lacy, Coordinator of Growing the Future Projects said this boost program is for everyone from preschool to standard six

vlcsnap-2014-06-27-18h58m03s219Peter Lacy- Coordinator of Growing the Future Projects

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Sir, tell me about the program itself.   What does it entail?”

Peter Lacy:  “All programs is one uniform program that we have installed into each of these different areas.  It is a jumpstart program to assist students coming out of Preschool going into Infant I all the way to Standard V going up to Standard VI.  So, for the Standard VI students who will be doing PSE prep.  We have it divided into three sections; the lower which is Preschool going into Infant I, Infant I going into Infant II, and Infant II going up to Standard I; that is reading and Phonics.  For the two students going into Standard II an Standard III, it is B-Jot preparation, and students going into Standard IV, Standard V and Standard VI, it is PSE preparation at Grade Level.  So, we are pushing, so that when they get into Standard VI, we are concentrating on the two papers of English and Math.  Our program here in Belmopan will be at Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It starts from 30 June-30th July.  There are two other programs I will begin on the same days as well.  It is at Holy Redeemer Parish Hall.  That is also 30th June-30th July,a dn in Sugar City in the Orange Walk program in the St. Peter’s Anglican.  That is 30 June-30th July 30th as well”.

Registration for the summer boost program began on Wednesday. For more information you can contact the program organizer at 620 66 39 or 622 93 17.

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