GSU Commander Replaced Following Investigation for Alleged Sexual Assault

It’s unclear if allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor had anything to do with the removal of GSU Commander vlcsnap-2016-07-22-11h41m46s14Mark Flowers from the Head of the Gang Supression Unit. However, as of Wednesday, Flowers was removed from that post.  We know that on Wednesday morning, Acting Commissioner Russell Blackett admitted to the media that investigations were ongoing after the mother of a 14 year old girl made a report to the Domestic Violence Unit against Flowers.  Plusnews has been told that that the minor, a resident of the Cayo district, is actually pregnant. ACP Blackett had said that the investigation of the report would be concluded by Wednesday afternoon and a determination would be made. Well, by Wednesday evening, Flowers was removed. Blackett had also said that if the report were true, legal action would be taken.  The new Command of the Gang Supression Unit was named as Inspector Glenn Caliz late Wednesday evening.

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