GSU goes to Mayflower Street, Tyrone Meighan detained, Shaquille Meighan shot

Early Sunday morning on Mayflower Street in Belize City, just after 1 a.m., elements of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), following the killing of Junie Balls McKenzie,  visited the area as part of their investigation. According to residents, as GSU came onto the street, shots were fired and they turned their attention to several of the young men present, among them, known street figures Tyrone and Shaquille Meighan. Some residents were just returning home after the “Soca Madness” event at the ITVET which was disrupted due to stabbing of George McKenzie, Jr. The confrontation was caught on amateur footage, some of which we have obtained.  During that confrontation, Shaquille Meighan was shot to the foot. During the ordeal, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, officer commanding Eastern Division South is said to have arrived on the scene in an attempt to mediate. In the end, the GSU left and multiple people were hauled off to the police station while Meighn was taken to the hospital. Today, PLUS News has confirmed that Tyrone Meighan, who was at court for an adjournment as one of the accused in the Sarkis Abou-Nehra home invasion last December, was picked up by police and remains in custody as of news time. This is suspected to be in connection to the McKenzie murder.

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