GSU shoots father travelling with his family

Of late, there have been numerous reports of armed men in police or camouflaged clothing posing as police in order to commit crimes. Could that be the reason why a father travelling with his family did not stop when he saw camouflaged men with guns on an isolated stretch of road? The problem is, those men were actually members of the Gang Suprression Unit and when the vehicle did not stop, they opened fire, hitting the father in his shoulder. According to police reports,  24-year-old Ana Rivera of Paslow Falls area, Bullet Tree Road reported that on Wednesday 24th February, 2016 about 7:00 p.m., her 28-year-old husband Roberto Chan and their children were heading towards Belize in their white Toyota 4 Runner on the Santa Rosa Road. When approaching an area she knows as La Linea, she heard two gunshots. She quickly checked on on her children and husband and saw blood running down from his right shoulder. She said that is when she saw Police Officers dressed in camouflage running from the rear of the vehicle on both sides ordering them to exit the vehicle. The GSU then escorted Roberto Chan to the hospital. According to police,  the Gang Suppression Unit  were conducting a vehicle check point in the area when the Toyota in question almost ran over a member of the team forcing them to fire at the vehicle. Police investigations continue.

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