GSU were not involved in arrest of Dean Bruce

vlcsnap-2013-07-15-18h36m21s15On Friday we reported that the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) had picked up  Deon Bruce ahead of his appearance in court for an extradition hearing to Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. on charges of murder. Assistant Superintendent Marco Vidal, who is head of Police Special Branch which has authority over the GSU, issued a statement to other media houses Friday in which he stated that the GSU “was not at all involved in the detention of Mr Bruce. I have been able to confirm that another Unit took him into custody yesterday [Thursday].” Responding to allegations by attorney Michael Peyrefitte that officers at the station where Bruce was held denied him permission to see Bruce allegedly on his orders, ASP Vidal categorically denied ordering any such refusal, though he said he could not speak for his fellow officers. He said, “…I can say that as the Commander of the GSU, I have never given any instructions to anyone to deny a person in police custody the exercise of his rights and will never do so.” The senior officer says he considers it “regrettable” that Bruce’s attorneys – Peyrefitte, Kareem Musa and Bryan Neal – were “misinformed” and adds that he would have the matter looked into. He reported being in touch with Peyrefitte after hearing the Thursday news interview, in which the attorney said he would contact the press to correct the misinformation, but added that he was determined to personally address the matter. Peyrefitte has since confirmed that it was the Anti-Drug Unit (ADU) that was involved in Bruce’s detention. ASP Vidal also noted that we in the press who were at court on Friday “would have seen Mr. Bruce being taken by uniformed members of the Unit in question into their vehicle.” Neither the vehicle nor the personnel we saw at court were identified as being from a specific unit, but it is all water under the bridge now: It was the ADU, and not the GSU, who handled the detention. Bruce returns to court on August 1.

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