Guatemala and Belize address security concerns

The Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission met on Friday 10 October in Guatemala City, to discuss security concerns, including the recent  incidents in the Caracol Archeological  Reserve.

According to a press release from GOB, the commission reached 12 conclusions aimed at improving their effectiveness at combating illegal activities and transnational crime.

Each Belizean security agency had an opportunity to meet directly with their Guatemalan counterparts, and agreed on a way forward for direct collaboration in respect of all security concerns, including coordinated operations among security agencies to combat  the illegal activities in Belize’s territory.

vlcsnap-2014-10-03-20h01m03s22GOB says Guatemala reaffirmed its willingness to cooperate and assist in the investigation of the most recent incidents where Danny Conorquie was shot and killed.

The Belize delegation was headed by CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs H.E.  Alexis Rosado, and included Sen. Lisa Shoman, Representative for the Leader of the Opposition; Gen. David Jones, Commander of the Belize Defense Force; ACP Russell Blackett as Acting Commissioner of Police; and Superintendant Marco Vidal, Head of  Special Branch.

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