Guatemala and Belize presidents of parliament sign declaration of peace

At our news time, there is still no word from the Belizean Press Office but according to Nicaraguan media, president of the Belizean  National Assembly, Michael  Peyrefittie  and president of the Guatemala parliament  signed a peace declaration today May 19 in expectation that the two  governments will work to overcome the territorial conflict between these countries. According to La Prensa Nicaragua, this was the main agreement reached at the extraordinary meeting that took place in the Forum of Presidents of Central American Parliaments and the Caribbean Basin, FOPREL, held in Managua in which FPREL served as mediators between Representatives of Guatemala and Belize. The declaration read by the Executive Secretary of FOPREL includes that that body will continue as a mediator between governments to ensure understanding for the political stability of Central America. The declaration also includes that FOPREL promotes the understanding of peace border between Guatemala and Belize through the Organization of American States OAS, according to La Prensa.  Mario Taracena, president of the Congress of Guatemala and president pro tempore of FOPREL said that after they signed the declaration, they will “put pressure on the executive powers and foreign ministries to consider in their conversations and take into account the declaration of peace assumed by the presidents of parliaments. “ Meanwhile Michael Peyrefittie president of House of Representatives of Belize said that although “the road is long” for the border conflict withvlcsnap-2016-05-20-11h45m14s187 Guatemala to come to an end, the declaration made in Managua is an important step for a successful conclusion, according to the international article.

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