Guatemala says Belizean delegation abusive

 As we told you earlier in our newscast, a hundred and thirty Belizeans traveled to Sarstoon island and had an encounter with the Guatemalan military. It was an intense encounter; one that was well documented by our Belize media core.  But it was also documented by the Guatemalan media, who are telling a different story. Here is an excerpt  from the Guatemalan media station Canal Antigua. It was taken from an article entitled “They try to place a Belizean flag in Guatemalan Territory”.vlcsnap-2015-08-19-18h46m11s761

Carlos Thomas: This is the manifestation of the lack of knowledge from some Belizean citizens claiming territory and lifting a Belizean flag on Guatemalan territory. Historically this river, the waters of the Sarstoon river belongs to Guatemala, historically we’ve observed it like this and the maritime national defense recognizes the sovereignty and this is the important mission that we are realizing today. Basically our mission was to restrain them, this civilian group who I would say is badly oriented. They were aggressive and abusive, they were claiming property that belongs to the State of Guatemala.

Of note is that The Guatemalan media followed the delegation through the northern channel entering Belize’s side of the river. vlcsnap-2015-08-19-18h45m39s933 vlcsnap-2015-08-19-18h47m44s265

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