Guatemalan couple beat charges

A Guatemalan couple, 42 year old Alfredo Marcos and 46 year old Marleny Castellanos, who were charged with using document that they were not entitled to use, were freed of those charges on Tuesday when they were dismissed by Magistrate Dale Cayetano, after presentations were made by Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell.

Alfredo Marcos was charged with 6 counts, while Marleny Castellanos was charged with 4 counts.

vlcsnap-2014-10-29-05h32m07s44It was alleged that the couple used the identities of dead Belizeans to obtain Belizean passports, social security cards, and voter identification cards.

They had originally pleaded guilty to the charges when they were arraigned before Magistrate Cayetano on May 14, 2014, and they were remanded into custody until May 16. But they changed their plea to not guilty when they returned to court.

Marleny Castellanos still faces over 30 counts of using documents not entitled to use for which trial is pending.

She was accused of facilitating several other would-be Belizeans to obtain supposedly legal Belizean documentation to stay in Belize, in conjunction with contacts in local departments.

Alfredo Marcos was detained at KHMH where he was working as an x-ray technician. Marleny Castellanos was detained at the Western Border.

Marcos and Castellanos were represented by attorney Kevin Arthurs.

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