Guatemalan Foreign Minister criticizes Belizeans, PM, and OAS following investigation results

Well even if some Belizeans were still hopeful for an apology from the Guatemalans,  they better think again. Instead of an apology, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Morales was extremely critical of the OAS, the findings of the report, and the Belizean people and Prime Minister of Belize. He made those comments during a radio interview in Guatemala on Friday.

Carlos Morales, Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

The report which is what you are asking me about is being analysed. Yesterday, our ambassador in Belize, who is in Guatemala, met with two procurators, who observed the technicality of the text and analysed and among other things determined that the report is inconclusive. So, it can be determined that the report has serious shortcomings and that is because unfortunately there was no custody of the evidence, there was no custody in the place where the death of the child occurred and because of the delay that the organization had to initiate and conduct this research. Unfortunately the organization is going through a terrible crisis and I know the Secretary General Almagro has a goodwill but they took too long to integrate the commission and when they reached the place, well obviously there was no proper custody.

Morales further criticised Magdalena Talamas , Special Representative of the Secretary General.

Carlos Morales, Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

We were surprised by the words of Dean Barrow of course but we were surprised by the words of Mrs. Talamas too, that literally said and I point out “there are more important things than the child thing”. She said that we should skip the page and follow with other negotiations. I think this lady is anything but a diplomat and less the representative of the Secretary General of the OAS to the territorial dispute. It shocks me to hear these words. She cannot say in any way that there are more important things than the child.

Part of the findings of the independent investigation into the death of the Guatemalan minor showed that Guatemalans had tried to cover up evidence by removing bullets from a branch; bullets fired by the Guatemalans at the Belizean Patrol that fateful night. But despite the findings, Morales says, it is Belize that may have manipulated evidence.

Carlos Morales, Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

The report must be expanded because for example; when the body was given to us it had no bullets, It was already clean but nevertheless the legal medical autopsy from Belize does not speak about the caliber types found in the body.

“Reporter: They could have manipulated all this?”

Of course, of course, there are many deficiencies.

And that’s not all Morales had to say about the Belizean people and the Belizean Prime Minister. He says the Prime Minister’s suggestion of a Guatemalan apology is hurtful to confidence building measures.

Carlos Morales, Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

With regard to what the Prime Minister said Mr Baldizan, Belizeans are like that and it’s sad. They are cynics. The truth is that those are irresponsible words from the prime minister. These are hard blows for us, these are hard blows that they are giving us of course, and of course it hurts us. And especially it hurts to hear the cynicism of the Prime Minister in regards to him saying that we owe an apology. He owes us an apology for the thirteen Guatemalan who have died in their hands. See Guatemala and I have always said, we have committed to confidence-building measures. Guatemala has been respectful of international law. Our army has never been accused of entering territory administered by Belize, our army has never done anything. They are the aggressors, and now as they always do, they victimize themselves. Thus the truth is that the words of Prime Minister Barrow go against confidence-building measures and Deteriorate the new relationship trust. Obviously it deteriorated because it is a reality, I don’t know what he is aspiring to but honestly these words are deteriorating confidence building and this added to the words of the Secretary-General Representative are very harmful to us. Our people are angry and are upset by the words she said; “That we got more important things than the child thing.” Here it’s unfortunate that the Prime Minister of Belize lacks maturity, why would he make those comments? I’m really sorry, I’m sorry because Guatemala has always opted to build the relationship, has always committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes. We know we have to do a referendum but we also know that such statements do hurt. It hurts Guatemalans and it makes our tempers rise unnecessarily. I do not know what the Prime Minister is looking for, but definitely that statement does not help in the confidence measures.

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