Guatemalan Found Gunned Down in the Chiquibul Area

vlcsnap-2014-05-05-19h27m56s37The body of a Guatemalan National was found on the Chiquibul area with multiple gunshot wounds.

According to police reports at about 2:10 pm on Saturday, May 3rd police with the assistance of the BDF visited Valentine Camp, Chiquibul where about 3 kms. north of Kaldin, Guatemala, they discovered the body of a Hispanic male person, later identified as 47 year old Heber de Jesus Tzin Alvarado, Guatemalan Farmer of Dolores Guatemala.

Police report that the body was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds: 1 to the left leg, 1 to the left side of the and 1 to the mid portion of the back area.

Also found in the area were two 9 m.m. expended shells, discovered about three feet from the body.

Police say Alvarado was last seen alive around 10:30 a.m. on the Monday, April 28th in the village and was discovered dead at about 8:30 am on Friday, May 1st. Police continue their investigations.

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