Guatemalan Government “deplores” and “rejects” Prime Minister Barrow’ s press statements

The Government of the Republic of Guatemala  issued a press statement saying that it

deplores and rejects the unfortunate statements made by the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, in a press conference yesterday.”

Those statements being rejected, we gather, was the Prime Minister’s comment that

All the world now knows of the unjustified, disproportionate and incendiary response of Guatemalan officialdom to the unfortunate death of their citizen. That response precipitated the crisis in which it appeared that a fundamental breach of the peace between Guatemala and Belize was an imminent possibility.”

The Guatemalan Press statement released Wednesday May 4, says that

The government of the Republic of Guatemala expressed categorically that this is a failed attempt by the Prime Minister Barrow to try and justify to the media and the international community, the inexcusable act of violence perpetrated by elements of the Belize Defense Force against the child Julio Rene “ 

The statement continues to say,

“It is inconceivable that now, in the light of the facts, Belize still expresses that the statements made by the President of the Republic of Guatemala are more severe, those of which he reacted for the wrongful death of the Guatemalan child, for that same act of cowardice in which the Belizean military killed the Guatemalan child, making disproportionate use of force and violating their human rights. These were inexcusable, unjustifiable and execrable actions of his or elements of the Belize Defense Forces, the factor that generated the response of the Government of the Republic of Guatemala.”

The statement in essence says that Guatemala will not let the world forget though that is what Belize appears to be trying to do.  It says, 

The Government of the Republic of Guatemala will continue its efforts to ensure that justice is done in this case and to avoid actions like those of today that again we regret.”

The statement also says that  on 

“ Tuesday, May 3 there was a meeting between Foreign Ministers of both countries, in which this and other topics of bilateral relationship were addressed in a positive environment, which is not reflected in the statements of Prime Minister Barrow.”  

It also says that  Guatemala is committed  to resolve peacefully any dispute, according to the principles of international law  but ends by saying that the Guatemalan government 

“ reiterates that it will not fall into any provocation, but will defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and welfare of its citizens at all costs and sparing no effort.” 

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