Guatemalan military guarding Sarstoon mouth as a port of entry?

Interestingly, while GOB’s statement says that” …the military tensions regarding the Sarstoon are no longer as explosive as they were when we passed the Regulation.” , an article in Prensa Libre published on Sunday says, that Guatemala’s

“… Caribbean Naval Command and the Marine Brigade conducted exercises to keep guard of the river. “Metal Shark” high speed boats, members of the Navy, and soldiers were deployed in the area to perform maneuvers that are intended to be prepared for any eventuality in the region.”

The article says that Guatemala has been receiving constant reports that a group of Belizeans were seeking excursions on national waters, so they stayed in that area and continued monitoring the area through a Caribbean Coast Guard Naval Command, to check foreign vessels approaching what the article referred to as “national waters”, in essence acting as if the mouth of the Sarstoon river was some Guatemalan port of entry where Guatemalan Marine would check Belizean vessels for relevant documentation for their immigration status

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