Guatemalan president stripped of Immunity from Prosecution

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Guatemalan President, 64 year old Otto Perez Molina has been stripped of his immunity against prosecution in his country. That is a historical occurrence as Molina becomes the first Guatemalan President to endure such a disgrace. Elections in Guatemala are just four days away but the country has been in uproar over allegations of corruption and a Customs Fraud Scheme that has already seen the resignation of the country’s Vice PresidentAt the congress building in Guatemala City yesterday, Guatemalan civilians who want Perez Molina out, formed a wall of bodies to let lawmakers get into Congress while Presidential loyalists tried to hinder the congressmen from going inside the building to vote on stripping Molina of his immunity. Guatemalan Congress only needed two thirds of the congress votes, but, in the end, the vote was unanimous. All the lawmakers at the session voted to strip Molina of his immunity from prosecution. vlcsnap-2015-09-03-18h28m37s739 vlcsnap-2015-09-03-18h29m03s797

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