Guatemalan women rescued from human trafficking in Orange Walk

33 year old Rosa Anita Garcia Julian appeared in court today for the second time after she was arrested and charged for Immigration offences on Monday November 23rd. The arrest came after the Orange Walkvlcsnap-2015-11-26-11h34m14s281 police department raided Dominguez Bar, located at Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk Town, on Saturday, November 21. In that raid, police found the bar’s owner, Rosa Anita Garcia, a Guatemalan national, her 10 year old son, a 27-year-old Guatemalan domestic; and her 48 year old Guatemalan mother. According to police, the 27 year old Guatemalan domestic reported that the bar owner brought her and her mother to Belize under the pretense that they were going to be employed at a fast food restaurant; not at a bar. However, upon arrival, she and her mother were made to work at the bar and she further alleges that on two occasions, she was forced by Rosa to have sex with strangers and the only reason she did it was because Rosa threatened to kill her two children who are in Guatemala—and her mother. Today she appeared at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s court where she was slapped with one count of sexual exploitation and 2 counts of forced labor under the trafficking of persons act. As the case is an indictable matter, the court did not ask Garcia for a plea. The accused was remanded to prison with no bail until her next court date set for January 27th next year. vlcsnap-2015-11-26-11h34m37s913

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