GUATS Say BDF killed 10 Guatemalan peasants in the last 17 years

The Guatemalans hastily responded to the Belizean PM’s statement with another press release which says,

The Government of the Republic of Guatemala deplores and rejects categorically the content of the press release issued by the Government of Belize on the afternoon of April 2st 2016, which refutes the version of events presented by the President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales, regarding the incident in which a 13 year old child died due to excessive and cowardly attack which was subjected by the Belize Defense Force. It is appropriate to remind the Government of Belize that it has been their Defense Forces which have killed 10 Guatemalan peasants from 1999 to date, incidents in which the Government of Belize, far from investigating the incident and punishing those responsible for having fired their weapons, have honored those individuals as heroes. It is unfortunate that the Belize Defense Force is the only army in the Latin American and Caribbean region, which fires against unarmed civilians of another country.”  That release ends with a list of ten persons who were shot and killed by BDF in Belizean territory, all in the Chiquibul Reserve since 1999. According to the Guatemalan mmedia, as many as 3000 special armed forces were deployed to the border areas vlcsnap-2016-04-25-10h40m30s534vlcsnap-2016-04-25-10h40m24s995

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